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Two pieces, please be sure to buy both parts. Dimensional realistic mailbox that can hold up to 5x7 size or slightly longer cards. Finished size approx. 5.5” W x 4.75” T x 9” L. All shapes can be cut from 8.5x11 inch card stock. Designed to use 25 small brads and 1 medium size brad (flag). CONSTRUCTION: 1. Fold side shape inward on perforations, top tab outward. 2. Fold straps in similar fashion, then align and join on each side of the three center holes (align with top side holes). 3. Join sides to base shape with side bottom edges at perforations and holes aligning. 4. Fold center support, insert into base reinforcer, fold tabs back and glue. Position and glue reinforcer at center of base. 5. Bring sides to join at top with support between, holes aligning; glue. 6. Fold rim shapes inward on perforations, back tabs outward. Join tiny tabs to adjacent section of widest “ring” section. 7. Insert tabs into side pieces near tunnel opening; fold tabs toward box center and glue. 8. Arrange front tabs over opening edges and glue each in place (take care to push side edges fully to rim perforation corner; use tool inserted into “tube” to press against where possible). 9. Join echo shapes to front door and back panel. 10. Fold lower handle in half with punch holes end folded downward in “L” shape; align tab ends, then glue center section, punch hole cut out panel surfaces that align. Center and glue handle tab end to front door top edge, holes aligned. 11. Fold door stop tabs back, bottom up so cutout edges align. Fold top handle in half, bottom tab down, and glue end surfaces. Insert through stop slot, glue tabs to stop and tab. 12. Position stop at top of door opening. 13. Fold back panel tabs inward, position bottom tab into base “notch” at back opening, wrap tab under base and glue, then pivot panel to fill opening and glue remaining tabs. 14. Position and attach front door bottom tab into base notch as for back panel. 15. Assemble flag staff front and back, flag front & back, and flag base. Add small brads in staff holes. Position and attach to body with large brad. 16. Fold and position optional name marquee at box top tab. 17. Attach small brads in remaining holes at lower handle, (attach circle to hide back prongs), sides and marquee. Use extra rim face shape to reinforce or add decoration.