How to Order

Many people may be wondering how the process goes to make a purchase. To make it easier for you we made up this quick tutorial to show you exactly how the process works.


  1. First, Log in. If you don’t have an account go to the top right and Register. On the section subscription this is purely optional.
  2. Second, you will be at this page. Click on either Store, Home or the Dragon to get you to designs. We will click the 2 to see the store directly.

  1. Third, the store is broken down by the main areas that you would use the designs many fall into multiple areas. You can always use the search bar in the top right if you know what you are looking at. Or you can look at new and popular design by clicking the buttons in the Left Banner.

Once in the store. You can either click on “Add to Cart” or on the design to see it larger and see any info about it, see below.

In the design details you can see Price, Options to share or Like, Difficulty rating (1 being easiest 5 hardest), and any design description. (Note- Commecial Licenses can only be purchased once you enable commercial license. To do so go to My Profile (top right) then “Commecial”, then click enable commercial license and fill out a simple form) You can add to the cart on this screen.

  1. Click check out or shopping cart at the top right. Your check out screen will show like this. You can remove any items you don’t want.

  1. Fill in your personal info into the check out. Then select Payment Methods. If you buy a subscription or receive a gift certificate you can select it here, under my account. Or select payment options to do Paypal or regular credit cards. Look over the Terms of use and select the box. Then click Check Out.

Upon completion it will take you the the screen below. You can immediately get your files. By clicking the link or by going to “My Profile” Top Right Corner, then select “Order History” left green banner.

  1. This is the Order History Screen. Here you can get your downloads. Each file comes with 2 SVGs (1 for regular users and 1 for Cricut Design Space since they require special formatting, the x1, x2 etc shows how much to enlarge the Cricut Design Space FIle x2= double the size of each piece) Click the SVGs to download.