Chick and Egg Tall Handled Tote
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Tapered tote sack perfect for gifting those special “tall” chocolate confections often given during the Easter season. Container dimensions approx. 6” tall, 3” wide and 1.75” deep at base. Requires a 12x12 mat to cut. Assemble the whimsical chicky with polka dot (layered) egg. Assemble tote by folding triangular perforations at sack sides as “valley” folds, perfs at front and back side(s) as “mountain” folds, side tab back, bottom tabs back. Fold into a “tube” then glue side tab under corresponding opposite front tote edge. Fold bottom side tabs inward, then slot tab, and finally latch tab inserted through slot. For top closure, fold rounded tab to the back then insert half-round tab into slot. Punch holes in handles for decorative string or narrow ribbon. Attach chicky decoration before or after sack assembly.