Bear EOS balm tummy card
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Say “Happy everything” (or “Happy Valentine’s” or “Happy Birthday” with included optional one-cut greeting text shapes) to someone special with this classic teddy bear card. Measured-to-match tummy and base shape cut-out circles line up to fit over the center connection of a plastic EOS lip balm container. Balm card base has a dimensional top panel to allow for the depth of the balm back half, with a back panel to connect to the front at top edge. Shape options also include plain (no whole cuts) card base and teddy body and offset shapes to create a card without the balm container. Balm card measures approx. 5.75” wide x 7” tall x .75” deep. ASSEMBLY: 1) build bear using whole base shape, positioning tummy with hole cutout first, then assembling other adjacent shapes; 2) build bear head with bottom “ear show thru” base, ear cutouts layer, head with eyes, muzzle, nose; add to body assembly; 3) position “HAPPY” word cutout approx. 1/4” below top fold on card front; 4) position bear assembly with top overlapping word; take care to align hole cutouts exactly; 50 assemble pennant and word, then attach over bear legs; 6) remove balm from package, un-screw cap, thread base protrusion through card hole from backside, replace cap (hold cap in desired position and screw on base; 7) stand card on front and back card “legs”.