Nativity 3d Stable Frame & Star
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Large backdrop for the nativity 3d boxes is built with cubic beams that slide together. Stable easures 15” tall x 9” wide x 3” deep. Star measures 4” across. Bottom portion has two upright posts with short feet that add stability. A cross beam with end openings slides over the posts. A cut slats back shape with lower front accent plank joins the side posts together. Narrow support posts extend from cross cream to support a three-part upper portico which has a center posts from which hangs the 3d pentagram star. Fold the front and back of star as alternating mountain and valley folds, fold edge tabs back. Glue the two layers together at folded edges with hanger tab sandwiched between top points. Decorate front wedges with accent shapes. Push points in toward center to add the “pillow” dimension. Create shorter side backdrop additions to each side by omitting the top portico and using the optional no-post cross beam shape.