3D Scarecrow without hat
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Cut from cardstock and assemble this seasonal fellow for a mantle or shelf. Finished size 20” overall, 13” from sitting surface to top. Cutting shapes require 12x12 size mat. Body, base, arms, head, legs and shoes assemble as boxes (many with back trap doors for easier assembly that are cosmetically covered when finished with matched cut circle shapes) then fit together with threading holes to assist adhesive bond. Front and back garden gloves can be made from paper with contrast “stitching” openings liner, edge-glued before sliding onto arm ends, then wrists laced with thick perle cotton or yarn. OPTIONAL: cut gloves and collar from Silhouette cotton canvas for a fun variation. For stitched canvas version, use the ALTERNATIVE cutting shapes with edge stitching template shape to transfer stitching detail. Use crewel needle and perle cotton to stitch where template hole guide marks are transferred to hand gather-stitch wrist, slide in place over arms so cinching will slot and tighten into gate cutouts near arm ends to help gloves stay in place. Head box includes neck stem to fit through aligned collar, body box top and arms beam windows. Legs are assembled, then glued in place with strong adhesive, each slightly skewed for character. Back side base holes align with lower body side holes to thread cord or ribbon through with long upholstery (or equiv.) needle and tie on each side with knot and bow. Shoes attach to leg ends with four holes for lacing in similar fashion. Finish torso with suspender straps, heart and round buttons. Embellish legs (and other places as desired) with two patch styles. Embellish face with grid cheeks, dimensional nose that slots into face surface, crooked smile and twinkle eyes. Finish with separate “3d bow – narrow” design #37446 (reduce to 85% of orig. size) from SnapDragon Snippets (ends trimmed away as desired or not). See complete construction tutorial, plus other pieces (3d crow bird wedgy, 3d straw scarecrow hat, 3d pumpkins cubic pair) to make a complete ensemble,