JGW Tree Stack Box and Drawers
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Twenty-four drawers in six stacks of four fit into their own tapered box shelves to help count down the days before Christmas. Place a trinket, small treat, family activity note, etc., into each drawer. Largest cutting shape is tree, which is included as a two-part shape to allow it to be cut using smaller capacity machine or smaller size card stock. Tree “wedge” sections (with four shelves stacked and attached) fold, are placed back to back, then bottom edge tabs slot into a hexagon shaped-edge base with a second base piece for strength and to hide construction. Folded hexagon post slots through base hole. Extra tree-top center folded sections glue in place above top box and drawer. Glue numbers 1 thru 24 onto drawer fronts, which include 3/16” eyelet decoration holes. Top scalloped finial includes the “25” Christmas Day number, has stem extension to fit into top opening of center pole. Duplicate boxes and drawers: 6 per each of 4 size pairs. Finished size tree: 9.5” tall x 7.6” diameter base circle; largest drawer approx. 3.25” front width x 1.5” depth. View construction tutorial at Tutorial Tree Stack Box Advent Calendar