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JGW Witches Gather


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Be-witching fun can be expected for a Halloween gathering where paper crafts set the spirit! Designs include vinyl verse "Witches Gather, Spirits Fly, Shadows Deepen, Haunting's Nigh!" suitable for a wall or 12x12 plaque or box frame. Witch Hats Swirl Round 7x7 Card (with companion Pumpkin Face Flap envelope) to use as invitation or display. Decor projects include Skull Realistic 3D Form and Candelabra 3D for Tea Lights. Medallion Frame Window 5x7 card (versatile for more than Halloween) and Witch Hat 3D Bow Rocket card complete the ensemble

Designs included:
Skull Realistic 3D Form
Candlelabra 3D for Tea Lights
Witch Hats Swirl Round 7x7 Card
Pumpkin Face Flap Envelope for 7x7 card
Witches Gather vinyl
Witch Hat 3D Bow Rocker Card
Medallion Frame Window 5x7 card

Tutorials (Click Links Below)

Skull 3D Realistic Form

Witch Hat with Bow Rocker Card

Witches gather swirl card